What You Need To Know To Find Images On Google You Can Use On Your Site

Adding images to your website and blog posts can increase the interest of readers and help to highlight a point. I highlight recommend you use images as long as they are appropriate and LEGAL. Don’t just be going to Google and grab any image, just because it is returned in an image search.

There is such a thing called copyright and you can’t just use anybody’s work. You need to make sure that when you find images on Google they can be used on your website without committing copyright infringement.  You always want to check the licensing of an image. If nothing else use the advanced search feature in Google to filter out images you should not use on your website.

Google Advanced Search

Normally you would search for a picture just by typing in your keyword and clicking the search button. Google returns a lot of images BUT that does not mean you can use them on your site. What you want to do is click on Advanced Search. Then scroll down to the Usage Rights section which will tell Google to return images that are labeled for reuse, labeled for commercial use, labeled for reuse with modification, or labeled for commercial reuse with modification.  The type of license you choose should be based on what you are going to do with the image. If it’s a business website, only use the one that says commercial. If it says commercial reuse, that means that you can use the image but you cannot alter it in any way. Reuse with modification means that you can use that picture and you can change it any way you want to make a whole new picture.

Google Advanced Options

The advanced search has other filters you can use as well such as the type of image, size, file type, and color. Once you type in your keywords and choose your filters you just click search. Google returns images based on your advanced search criteria. One final point. Even if Google says it is labeled for a specific license make sure check the original source (website) for the specific license information.


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